30 years of experience of aerial works by helicopter in extreme environments.

With nearly 30 years of experience, CMBH provides professionalism for aerial works by helicopter for construction in harsh or extreme environments. Due to its location in the Chamonix valley, CMBH playground is the mountain, where lifting operations on construction sites can be done only through the air, as crane assembly is impossible or too expensive.

The use of helicopter, a real "key 13" for people working in altitude allows them to be fast and efficient, and ensures maximum safety and success for all kinds of civil engineering:

  • Construction of refuges
  • Construction of lifts and positioning of towers, relays...
  • Lifting and transporting various loads with a sling: concrete, aggregate, cement, rocks, chalets, structures, vehicles, wood, steel and other building materials ...
  • Unwinding cables and power lines monitoring
  • Acrobatic work: development of avalanche, nets, barrier blocks, fences...

CMBH works for companies and individuals, in Haute Savoie and all around in France.

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Mountain rescue

Providing rescue and assistance to people at risk.

All mountain operators are complementary and CMBH also contributes to rescue missions. Transport and medical evacuations, fire fighting and especially preventive triggering of avalanches on different ski areas and highways, after heavy snowfall.

The helicopter operates in a few minutes mainly in the Chamonix valley and department of Haute Savoie, allowing relief and assistance to people in danger.

Helicopter / Freight Supply

An economical, fast and efficient solution

Helicopter is an economical solution for fast and efficient lifting, carrying, depositing material or men in places hard to reach or distant. It is now an essential tool for mountain economy.

With the heli-buckets, big bags, pallets and other nets, CMBH participates to life in high mountain, refueling lots of refuges and construction sites and participating to maintain a "clean massif", evacuating garbage and septic tanks or by removing obsolete facilities.

Cinema & Photo shooting

CMBH takes on board all professionals shooting for cinema and photos, helping them realize their work, be it report (press, TV, sports...), advertising, aerial, artistic or technical photography, or even productions filming for the 7th art. We have many references by now...

Enjoy also high-tech equipment, adapted to our helicopter.

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For decades,
Chamonix makes its cinema!

Taxi flights

Our responsiveness combined with the flexibility and speed of our flights, help you to reach any destination, confidentially. Whether you want to reach or come from an airport, visit a client or go fast to your holiday's place, we will meet your requirements ...

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As part of your business or for a private transfer, move by helicopter!