Our values...

Because we do not fly with impunity in the high mountains, even more, work can not be improvised. This environment, often hostile, demanding foremost know-how, but also and more importantly, a great, great humility. For all the challenges that we would throw, nature is always winning.

It is our commitment to the mountain, to the Mont Blanc and the Chamonix valley from which we are, which forge our values :
Availability, Responsiveness, Efficiency, Professionalism.
With all this human dimension that characterizes the mindset of "artisan-entrepreneur" who has always drives us.

The helicopter serves ecology:
helicology !

For several decades now the helicopter is part of the mountain landscape. Better than that, it is now an essential tool for the mountain economy. Where it would slash the sides of the valleys of forest tracks, with a few trips / returns, the helicopter carries persons, materials, food, etc. then disappears without a trace. Better still, it helps to maintain the clean condition of the mountain, by removing garbage and septic shelters, or by removing obsolete facilities, real black dots to the landscape.
In addition, what once said Antoine de Saint-Exupery, "we borrow the earth from our children", we focus particularly in respect of our environment, trying to minimize the nuisance helicopter brings.

Pascal Brun - "Peaks Pilot"

Born in 1960 in Chamonix, Pascal fed from an early age a passion for aviation. At 16 he passed his private airplane pilot license. At age 20 he enlisted in the Army to become a helicopter pilot, he obtained patent in 1981. The dream of flying this kind of machine becomes reality, and never cease to be fulfilled.

He left the Army in 1984 to return to SAF Courchevel. On 15 December 1986 he became the permanent pilot of Chamonix base, newly created. He's back home!

"Pilote des Cimes"

February 92, he resigned to start the current CMBH structure.
Today with more than 26,000 flight hours, 2017 marks its 30th year as a pilot in Mont Blanc massif.

CMBH adventure was not built alone. And despite human dramas that have been along the way, passion remains intact!


Our base is located at the top of Chamonix Mont Blanc valley, at the foot of Argentière glacier, close to Grands Montets ski resort...

Before your flight, you will enjoy a warm welcome and comfort of our "cabin" enjoying the fireplace and browsing many items in our CMBH boutique.